Messe maronite

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Vous êtes tous invités à assister à la prochaine messe en rite maronite à la Cathédrale 
samedi 20 février à 16h

Ayant reçu l’approbation et la bénédiction de Mgr. Dominique Rey suite à la demande des orientaux qui se trouvent dans le diocèse de Fréjus-Toulon, cette messe est célébrée un samedi par mois à 16h depuis le mois d’octobre.
Messe en arabe et en français, célébrée par le père Maroun Badr.

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Steve Finnell a dit…

SUDDEN DEATH SALVATION? by steve finnell

Does God offer a special plan of salvation for those who are unsaved and experience sudden death before they have a chance to obey God's commands?

Many like to claim salvation for those who believe, but face sudden death before they are baptized in water for the forgiveness of their sins. Is, the excuse, I did not have time to baptized written in Scripture, as an exception to God's commandment to be baptized so that your sins may be forgiven? Of course not!

Jesus said he who believes and is baptized shall be saved. (Mark 16:16) Can men revoke what Jesus said because they believe Jesus was being unfair? Of course not!

Assume a preacher was his way to preach the gospel to a dying man, who had indicated be was open to believing, but had not made that confession. If that man died before he believed, could that man's friends and relatives claim "The Sudden Death Plan of Salvation," because he did not have time to believe? Of course not!

If a Christian was openly a drunkard, a thief, a fornicator, and a serial killer, but decided that next week he was going to repent of his sins and ask God for forgiveness, but died before he had the chance; would he be able to claim "Sudden Death Repentance and Forgiveness?" Of course not!

Men can speculate about, Sudden Death Plans of Salvation; however, there are no Scriptures to confirm it.

There is no Scripture that states men can be saved if they suddenly die before they have time to believe.

The is no Bible verse that says men can be saved if they suddenly die before they have time to repent.

The nothing stated under the new covenant that says men can be saved if they die before they have time to confess Jesus as the Christ.

There is no verse of Scripture that says men can be saved if they suddenly die before they have time to be baptized.


Dead men cannot believe.
Dead men cannot repent.
Dead men cannot confess.
Dead men cannot be baptized.
Dead men who die in their sins cannot be saved.

Men do not die without believing and being baptized because they did not have time. IT HAPPENS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT TAKE THE TIME THEY HAD AVAILABLE, TO BELIEVE AND BE BAPTIZED!

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